Business Partnership

Have a corner in the fast-growing electric vehicle market.
Business Partnership

We are here for you in your charging station installation processes, end-to-end software, hardware, service and monitoring services. By joining the RHG Enertürk Electric Vehicle Charging ecosystem, you can benefit from all developments at the same standard.

  • How Do I Get Business Partnership?

    You can fill out the Business Partnership request form and submit your request to us.

  • Why should I install charging stations?

    Charging station operation provides a return on investment in 2-3 years with the right choices in the growing electric vehicle market.
    By increasing interaction at the workplace, you can unleash your potential strengths.
    By revealing your innovative and environmentalist vision, you can be one of the pioneers of the evolution to environmentally friendly solutions.

  • How can I manage my stations?

    Through the Enertürk portal provided to operators, many transactions such as charging station status, balances or payment requests can be monitored.