Internship and Young Talents

As RHG Enertürk, we see the internship program as a "potential employee candidate experience". In the university internship program, we aim to ensure that students are also a part of professional life. We open our doors to university students who want to benefit from our experience and get a good internship experience in their career journey.

We provide an internship opportunity by evaluating the university students who have to complete the compulsory internship in the summer period and apply to us. We evaluate internship applications we have received through the website of Erciyes Anadolu Holding, from March to April every year.


Young Talent Program

The Young Talent Program, the Undergraduate Program of Universities, is a program designed for students who are in the 4th year of the Universities and are in a position to graduate. By providing a broad range of criteria, we are preparing the chosen candidates for jobs by developing a training program and having them participate in a variety of projects. By prioritizing young talent who have successfully completed the program in vacant positions within our companies or by entering a pool of candidates, we aim to treat them as priority candidates for our future workforce needs.