Human Rights Policy


The Human Rights Policy covers all businesses and activities of RHG Enertürk Enerji Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. and its subsidiaries and defines the human rights rules and principles that all employees, business partners and suppliers are expected to comply with.



The Human Rights Policy covers the following:

·         All managers and employees of RHG Enertürk Enerji Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. and its subsidiaries,

·         The companies and their employees from which we buy goods and services and,

·         Companies from which we receive external services; persons and organizations working on behalf of the Company, including consultants, lawyers, advisors and external auditors, and other persons, including customers with whom the Company has commercial relations.



As RHG Enertürk, we work by respecting human rights and the values of different societies, and we take care not to contradict the generally accepted lifestyle, world view, and traditions of the society in our activities both in Turkey and in other countries.

We implement the 10 Principles as signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, an innovative corporate responsibility approach that proposes universal principles to create a culture of shared development in the constantly competitive business world.

We work to improve the education, culture, economy and social well-being of these societies in the communities where we do business, we avoid all kinds of attitudes and behaviors contrary to human rights such as illegal employment and abuse of child workers, abusive words and treatment against workers, involuntary labor and similar attitudes and behaviors, we expect all our suppliers and business partners to behave accordingly, we terminate our commercial relations with persons and institutions that we learn that they do not carry the necessary sensitivity in this regard.

We do not include elements that are contrary to the fundamental values of society such as sexual abuse and violence in our advertisements and we avoid any symbol, expression or implication that may lead the society to negative habits. We do not make advertisements insulting any political view, religion, language or ethnic group.

We take care to respect the human rights of all stakeholders affected by our business activities and business relationships. We respect the representation and collective bargaining rights of our employees, and as emphasized in our Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, we do not tolerate bribery and corruption. We comply with all relevant legal regulations and ethical standards.

Occupational health and safety is among our priorities. We take measures to minimize health and safety risks in our plants and fields of activity, and carry out remedial, corrective and preventive activities for continuous improvement. We comply with the relevant legislation and meet the requirements. We expect all our managers and employees to follow our policies and procedures regarding occupational health and safety.



The Ethics Committee, along with its function of evaluating violation notifications, is a body that all employees can consult about situations they suspect and dilemmas they encounter regarding ethical issues. It also welcomes all kinds of suggestions from our employees in order to improve ethical awareness in our community and to take protective/preventive measures to prevent ethical violations.

In the notifications made to the Ethics Committee, it is assured by the Company's Ethics Committee that the notification to be made will not have any negative impact on the employee, provided that the employee making the notification does not make notifications out of good faith, and furthermore any kind of notification to be made will be kept strictly confidential.

Complaints and notifications received by the Ethics Committee are investigated within the framework of confidentiality principles and each stage of the investigation is recorded. The Ethics Committee is authorized to receive relevant information, documents and papers from any unit it deems necessary in relation to the matter it investigates. The Committee takes necessary measures to promptly conclude investigations regarding violations, and if deemed necessary for the fair conduct of the investigation, it may receive support from experts and specialists, taking into account the principles of confidentiality. Reported or detected rule violations may be resolved by the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, taking into account their nature and effects, by the company's ethics committee, or they may be referred to the company's disciplinary board or the Ethics Supreme Committee and resolved without the participation of the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee conducts its work with the assumption that each employee acts in accordance with the ethical rules unless the contrary is concretely demonstrated. An employee against whom a complaint or notification is made on the grounds of unethical behavior is given the opportunity to express himself/herself within the scope of the complaint/notification. In addition, during the investigation process, allegations against the employee under investigation are considered to be without violation until they are substantiated concretely.

The Ethics Committee convenes upon the invitation of any of the Committee Members when a notice is received or an opinion is requested. The Committee may invite persons it deems appropriate to the meetings to obtain information on issues deemed necessary. The Chairman of the Ethics Committee is responsible for the implementation of the Ethics Committee's working principles.


Address: Huzur Mah. Azerbaycan Cad. Skyland Sitesi B Blok Kat:16 No:4B/240 34485 Sarıyer, İstanbul



Our human rights performance is disclosed annually through the RHG Enertürk Sustainability Report and the United Nations Global Compact Progress Report. Through this medium, our commitments, activities and performance regarding human rights are announced to the public and all our stakeholders.