Our Stakeholder Engagement Policy


1.      Objective


As RHG Enertürk Enerji Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“RHG Enertürk”), we conduct an open, transparent and constructive communication policy with our stakeholders. By creating effective communication mechanisms, we aim to be in constant exchange of information with our stakeholders and to learn their opinions, complaints and needs on environmental, social impact and governance issues. This document has been drawn up to adopt the framework and principles of RHG Enertürk's stakeholder engagement processes.

2.      Scope and Responsibilities


The processes related to RHG Enertürk stakeholder engagement and prioritization matrix are carried out under the responsibility of RHG Enertürk management by the Sustainability Committee and the Sustainability Office to be authorized by it.

3.      Approach


RHG Enertürk's stakeholders include consumers, employees, suppliers and our business partners, investors, local communities, public institutions and regulatory bodies, academic institutions, financial institutions and investors, non-governmental organizations, sectoral organizations, professional organizations and media. These entire parties, having the potential to influence our operations, can have an impact on the success of our business. Therefore, stakeholders' priorities should be included within our organization's prioritization matrix. In continuous dialog with our stakeholders through a transparent and effective communication policy, we develop our prioritization matrix to meet the expectations and requirements of our stakeholders. Our prioritization matrix is reworked at least every 2 years. RHG Enertürk management and Sustainability Committee have the authority to curtail this period.


For RHG Enertürk, the stakeholder engagement process is continuous. The way and timing of communication may vary depending on the type of stakeholder and the topic content.  In this context, regular meetings with stakeholders such as regular events, seminars and social activities; receiving effective feedback from stakeholders through methods such as surveys and field visits are steps of utmost importance of the stakeholder engagement plans established for the development of interactions. RHG Enertürk is continuously endeavoring for effective communication and cooperation by evaluating the opinions and suggestions of the stakeholders. Accordingly, it is aimed to provide a strong collaboration and mutual understanding with the stakeholders.